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The Hope That Is In Us
An Answer
by Jack Smith

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life, or wished for a way to fill a nagging emptiness in it? Perhaps you looked to religion and were disappointed that it offered little comfort and few answer. In some cases, this experience made our lives even more complicated and created more unanswered questions. We know within ourselves that what we encountered as the “church: could not be what God intended.

The yearning within you is a gift from God. He is calling you, personally, to a real relationship with Him that sermons and songs, religious symbols and stained glass will never satisfy.

Here is the good news: Jesus had made provision for you to commune with Him on a personal basis. Your need for a person to stand between you and God is only perfectly filled by the living Christ as your advocate. He alone is able to satisfy the longing He placed in your soul. He alone is able to forgive the sin of which He has convinced you in the depths of your being. The longing, the weight of sin, and the need for a friend to plead your case are all effects of His work within you. He has created and caused in you the need for Himself. You have been visited by the Creator and given an invitation. Now is the time for you to stand before Him with your need and let Him forgive and cleanse, then fill and satisfy your soul.

Silent waiting on Him is such a beautiful way to hear His voice within you and to receive Him. You will also find that silent waiting is the most effective way for worship. Sometimes you will be led to pray for a specific situation; sometimes you will feel praise rise in your heart, or you will just sit silently in submission. Real joy in worship comes from being obedient to the Spirit of God. You will find this ego-less worship will become your mainstay for spiritual growth and communion with God. The Spirit of God has been sent to teach us and to guide us and is grieved when we replace Him with men and books and other man-centered methods of guidance. We have no other teacher. Remember, this Spirit is the very Spirit of Christ Himself and He is willing and capable to bring us along as He sees best. Once communion has been established, an appetite is formed and this dining at His table should soon become a regular occurrence. This is the true Lord’s supper we are required to attend.

After you have found your place in Christ you will become more and more hungry for His teaching and will soon experience His opening of the Scriptures to you. The Holy Scriptures are a wonderful source of inspiration and provide a true witness of God’s working in the lives of men and women in the past. You will read stories seemingly for the first time as the living Christ within you opens them to you. These Scriptures will become a fountain of wisdom and knowledge to which you will return again and again. With the Spirit of Christ within you, teaching, guiding, and instructing you, and as the life that pleases God becomes your own, you’re soon to feel the need for sharing this with others.

There is an empowering to occur in the lives of those whom God has called to service. His Spirit is to fill and embolden us. As we make ourselves ready for service, He fulfills His promise to give us His power to carry out our calling. This baptism in the Holy Spirit is a covering outwardly and filling inwardly. This is the baptism He expects of us. Most of all, go slowly. Utilize your new teacher and guide. The inward Christ wants you to have your most holy desires, and it is only He that can teach you correctly. It is only He who knows your heart, your inmost thoughts, and He loves you and cares for you more than you know even now.

Pure worship can be known to us all and has been known deep within us all along. This is why we know that something is wrong. . . that something is missing.

God has called us not to a “higher level” of worship but to a truer one. He has called us not to a worship of man-made excitement, but to a Spiritual one. We are called to a place where we worship in Spirit and in Truth. We are called to a place where we experience personally, for ourselves, the love and guidance of Jesus Christ.

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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:5 & 6